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Posted 6 months ago in MUSIC

Janetlynn Bringus 6 months ago 1

When you've used the filter so much you don't know what other cute faces to make so you just sit there like

Almila Yigit 6 months ago 0

Merve Önder hahaha so geil😂stell dir vor du hast auch so eins

Estrella Moreno Dueñas 6 months ago 0

Damn! Does he have twitter? 😭😭😭 I dont desserve being called Jimin biased

Shannon Go Dela Fuente 6 months ago 6

Why you so squishhhyyy!! 😱🤗

Barbora Fox 6 months ago 3

Laura Goda Evita literally the cutest thing i've ever seen

Aleena Furr 6 months ago 6

This is a bad pic but he looks so cute like a kitten 😘

Dianne Reyes 6 months ago 1

He looks like a living emoji. Lol

Barbara Sousa 6 months ago 2

Gosh...he looks like a baby!! 😍😍😭😭

Cynthia Deen 6 months ago 2

Mischa Klomp 😂😂 jimin using jimin filter 😂😂

Amanda Toone 6 months ago 0

Kim Leslie 6 months ago 0

i love when he makes that face ajgdhdfjkhsdkf\

Mochi Jiminie 6 months ago 0

애기 > _ <

Rabia Kansiz 6 months ago 0

Chim chim😘😘😘😘😘😘

Jiminrinie 6 months ago 0

So cute boy <3

Melilot Urbina Cruz 6 months ago 0

his cute handssss!

Myla Marana 6 months ago 0

Eomma made secret triplets 😂

별라임 6 months ago 0

Gwapo ni jimin pag walang make up..

Katie-Amey O'Grady 6 months ago 0

Of course he used his own filter 😂❤️ LLauren Smith

Dona Rose Baldemoro 6 months ago 0

so cute.

Rovizzi Malado 6 months ago 0

i have this filter<3

Park Jeny Lyne 6 months ago 0

Jimin why so cute ?😍😍😍

Alliah 6 months ago 0

that fingeeers 😂😍😍😍

Kim Beverly 6 months ago 0

Sandy Myint 6 months ago 0

Cute little baby with his smol hands☺☺❤❤

Chhuon Sreyden 6 months ago 0

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